Sunday, August 06, 2006


Co-op for Bradington-Young Recliner Chairs and Sofa Units
Hickory pieces ($5/seat accruals)
Cherryville pieces ($10/seat accruals)
– 50/50 co-op program
– 18 month rolling program
To research co-op, get the co-op authorization letter signed and get a vendor number and fax to me. Only fabric pieces qualify for co-op. Retailer must qualify as a Gallery Dealer- have a minimum number of seats on floor display and minimum square footage to qualify for co-op advertising.
Co-op funds must be spent within 18 months of date earned-unused funds do not carry over-it’s lost!
Pro-rate multiple product ads. Ads require product illustration, Bradington-Young logo, and product brand name. Call 704-435-5881 for available ad materials.

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