Friday, August 04, 2006

Bioelements Hair & Skin Care Products

Co-op for Bioelements Hair and Skin Care Products – 50/50 quarterly co-op program

To research co-op available, get the co-op authorization letter signed and get a vendor number and fax to me.

Minimum purchase requirement to qualify for co-op is $1500 or more per quarter. Once co-op dollars are earned, mfr will hold the co-op dollars in their “co-op-bank” – account must use dollars within 3 months. Mfr will submit co-op credit to account’s distributor. Bioelements credits the distributor, and your distributor passes the credit on the your account.
1st quarter must be used by 9-1
2nd quarter must be used by 12-1
3rd quarter must be used by 3-1
4th quarter must be used by 6/1

Prior approval is required for all advertising. Exclusive ads only. Product illustration, logo in proportion to size of spa name and logo, product brand name.

Include the message: “We professionally recommend and use Bioelements Custom Blend Skin Care.” Bioelements must appear in 50% of ad in order to receive 50% reimbursement.

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