Sunday, July 30, 2006

Co-op Queen Buzz

Co-op Queen Buzz

What's one of the biggest revenue generators to get started quick, you ask?

Well, in Texas I would have to say it Air Conditioning Advertising. Here's what I've found:

Lennox Air Conditioning and Heating offers a 60% co-op reimbursement program when you use mfr produced ads. I can research just how much co-op a dealer may have with a signed co-op authorization letter and dealer customer number. I can fax this or e-mail my contact at Lennox to find out, based on purchases, how much the dealer may have earned in co-op. This co-op program runs in two 6 month rolling sessions and the 2nd session started July 1st.
Work with your individual independent Lennox dealers to help them run an advertising campaign featuring Lennox AC systems in their newspaper ads, or better still, help them to target their advertising to a specific area close to their business or target a specific high income area by producing, printing and distributing single sheet inserts in your newspaper and also through total market coverage.
You might also contact the regional Lennox distributor and organize a Lennox dealer list ad which features the Lennox AC special promotion (maybe special Lennox financing or a Lennox Cash Rebate for a special purchase) and list each Lennox dealer in your newspaper distribution area who signs up for the program. The distributor pays for half the ad and the dealers listed in the ad share the balance of the ad cost.
If you are responsible for vendor creative publications, contact the local Air Conditioning Association in your area. Offer to put together a creative editorial section or "vendor section" to publish in your newspaper about the Association and feature advertising from dealers who are members of the HVAC Association. Produce a promotional letter signed by the President of the Association announcing the upcoming publication, include modular ad sizes and ad costs and mail to the association members. Get help from your Association President to help sell the ads in his publication. What better way to control editorial about one's business or Association than to help support the cost with member or "vendor" particiation!
For those of you in more northern locations you might do the same thing with a heating brand like Lennox Hearth Products, wood stoves and fireplace inserts - this is a 50% co-op reimbursement program!
So try it! Sent me your success stories!
The Co-op Queen

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