Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dixon ZTR Riding Lawn Mowers

Dixon ZTR Riding Lawn Mowers – co-op expires 8-31-09!!
7.5% accruals – 50% co-op reimbursement program. If they’ve bought $100,000 in product, for example, he has $7500 in co-op!

1. To research co-op dollars for Dixon – get the co-op authorization letter signed and the vendor number.

2. Only authorized dealers qualify for the co-op program – dealers must renew program annually and pay $125 participation fee to be eligible. Pre-enrollment by the dealer is required!

3. See the lawn & garden list for more brands.

4. Mfr has no specs regarding advertising on the internet at this time; Submit advertising content and applicable cost to receive prior approval; Internet advertising is handled on a case by case basis; Contact mfr for details.

(Sell print before they have a chance to buy billboard advertising – that reimburses at 75%) Gear up now for Spring in the South!

Google here at for local retailers.

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