Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here's a Great Success Story I received today!

Hi Janie,
I used your doors and windows list published in co-op queen blog and had great success. A new rep came to me to research Bertch Cabinets and we worked the program from start to finish.
We found $600 for a dealer who had no idea he had $$. VERY cool. He is using it to run in our H&G section next month. $600 may not seem like alot but we know it adds to our bottom line!
Thank you so much for sharing these tips on the blog. I use them alot. Another rep has asked
me to pull up a list of HOT brands for him!

God bless.
Karen C

Comment from Janie:
This is great news! I love to hear success stories like this! $600 is $600 to the new advertiser you just developed! That could mean $1200 in advertising or even more!

I love this co-op treasure hunt! It's a win-win-win for everybody! Keep these successes coming!
Good co-oping!
Co-op Queen

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