Monday, September 11, 2006

Case Corp

Case Corp – 50/50 program, 75/25 for special promotions-tractors
Co-op $$$ are available now – because accruals are based on prior year purchases.
To research co-op dollars for Case Corp – get the co-op authorization letter signed and the vendor number.
Fax both sides to me. Dealers must enroll in the co-op program and pay $500 quarterly to qualify for Case IH Credit-$1500 per CAPP level 2 location. Mfr will share 50/50 up to $2500 or 1% of previous year’s sales, whichever is larger! Product Support (parts) receives 1% of prior year’s purchases or $2500, whichever is larger. So – each dealer has a minimum of $5000 in co-op - See plan.

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