Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kohler Kitchen and Bath products

Co-op for Kohler kitchen & bath products -
50/50 co-op reimbursement program – fixed plan
$1500 for Authorized Plumber showroom
$5000 for Registered Dealer Showroom
1. To research co-op dollars for Kohler – get the co-op authorization letter signed and the vendor number. Fax both sides of co-op letter to me. Use mfr ad slicks-available at Accruals are based on registration level of dealer showroom. Maximum reimbursement is 50% up to the amount of allowance available. Advertised products must be on display in the store. Dealer must sign mfr agreement; signed prior approval reimbursement form must be added to claim package along with distributor purchase affidavit.
"The Bold Look of Kohler" logo must be prominent with product illustration and model name. Prior approval required fax to 920-459-1505.
Google above for local dealers at:

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